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Debit cards


Debit (settlement) cards are provided for

  1. management of own funds on the bank account;
  2. carrying out cashless payments and withdrawal transactions in and outside the Republic of Armenia and beyond;
  3. use of credit lines within the frames of the established crediting terms in case of cash deficit of the bank account

Conditions for establishing legal relations with clients for non-residents of the Republic of Armenia for the provision of banking services - valid from 25.04.2022

PAYMENT CARD RULES - Valid till 07.12.2023 

PAYMENT CARD RULES - Valid for new customers from 30.11.2023, for existing customers from 08.12.2023

MANDATORY DOCUMENTS -Valid from 03.03.2021

Question Answer

What to do if you have lost your bank card?

You can block the card directly through the  Ardshinbank Mobile Banking app or immediately inform the Bank about it  by calling the communication center (24/7 phone number  012-222222), using the online chat on the website or visiting any branch of the Bank.

How many days does it take to return the confiscated cards?

Cards confiscated by the Ardshinbank ATM machines are sent to the Bank's head office or a corresponding branch within 3-5 business days. If the cards issued by other RA banks are confiscated at Ardshinbank ATMs, they are sent from the head office to ARCA CJSC within 3 to 5 working days for the purpose of sending them to the issuer's bank.

Is it possible to receive the payment card on the same business day?

Yes, you can geta non-personalized card (ArCa, Visa, Mastercard) on the same business day in case of the availability of the corresponding documents. You can order a Digital card, having Ardshinbank Mobile Banking application.

How to freeze/unfreeze (block/unblock) a credit card?

If the card is lost or suspected of fraud, you can freeze /block it either through a phone call or through the Ardshinbank Mobile Banking application. The unfreezing can also be done both with the Bank's Mobile Banking app, and by calling the bank's communication center (012-222222). 

Can the card be blocked due to incorrect PIN code entry?

If you enter the PIN code incorrectly 3 times, your card is blocked. To unblock or create a new PIN code, you need contact the bank by calling 012-222222.

How to change the card's PIN code?

The PIN code can be changed via the Ardshinbank ATM machines.

How to attach the payment card to APPLE PAY?

You may get acquainted with the process of attaching the card with this link

How to attach the payment card to GOOGLE PAY?

You may get acquainted with the process of attaching the card with this the link

Is cash withdrawal possible via  APPLE PAY/GOOGLE PAY?

Yes, it is. You may get acquainted with the tariffs with this link

Is it possible to open a payment card remotely?

For the issuance/reissuance of the card, you can contact the Bank by sending an email to [email protected] or via the "Contact the Bank" section of the Bank's Mobile Banking application. After receiving the relevant approvals from the Bank, to organize the process, the Bank employee will contact you to present the terms and rates. You can order the digital card online and receive it through the Ardshinbank Mobile Banking application.

Is it possible to deliver an issued/reissued card abroad?

In case of a remote issuance, the delivery is carried out against an additional fee set by the Bank, the cost of which depends on which country the card will be sent to.

Is it possible to activate the Mobile Banking app without visiting the Bank?

Yes, for registration and activation, you may refer to the guideat this link



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